WHEREIN HAVE BEEN EXPOUNDED UPON THE FOLOWING BEASTS of burden, villains and insignificant beings of the Indies and other meridian regions; elements, metals, plants and animals; rivers, ceremonies, laws and government; native peoples, monsters, bearded women, equines and gods; wars, indigence and other massacres of this variety.

Composed by the Ignominious Bad Savage and by the Real Society of Dogs, a sacred conspiracy. In cooperation with Curatoría Forense, an entity dedicated to the necessities of the arts, overseen by Sir Jorge Sepulveda T. and Madame Ilze Petroni.

IN WHICH PARTICIPATE THE WORKS AND SAYINGS OF: Javier Arango Garfias, Fernando Caridi, Leonel Castañeda Galeano, Jimmy Espinosa Porras, Adrián E. Gómez, Bruno Juliano, Alberto Lezaca, Alejandro Méndez, Manu Mojito, Rodrigo Ortega, Mónica Pulido, Constanza Ramírez, Gustavo Romero, Laura Snyder, Arlén Vásquez.

WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE ESTEEMED Ferney Shambó & Gustavo Sanabria

In Colombia, The Faculty of the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá, an entity of the
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.

On the eighteenth day of October of the year two thousand and eleven.

Gran Enciclopedia Acémila

Opening October 18, 2011. 5pm. Arts Faculty ASAB

Artist Talk November 4, 2011, 5pm. Arts Faculty ASAB


  • El Mal Salvaje
  • La Sociedad de los Perros
  • Curatoría Forense
  • Facultad de Artes ASAB, Universidad Francisco José de Caldas.

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Bogotá, Colombia. octuber 18 to november 4, 2011.