En el día de la Virgen
Por la razón o la fuerza
This spring-summer season 2010, Curatoría Forense present two contemporary art residencies to carry out work initiatives regarding the relationship between social and artistic imaginaries. Both residencies are planned as summer-camps and they include conversation agendas, work sessions and recreational activities. Participation is by invitation and by an open and public application call.

En el día de la Virgen
Rosario, Argentina
January 31st to February 11th 2011

Participating artists: 15 artists. 
Cost per participant: U$ 200 each. 
Includes: Accommodation in shared bedrooms.


Social Summer Camp 2011
(sé lo que hicieron el verano pasado)

Villa Alegre, Chile
February 15th to February 26th 2011

 Participating artists: 15 artists. 
Cost per participant: U$ 200 each.
Includes: two daily meals and
 in shared bedrooms.


more info:

How to apply1.- Open Call for contemporary visual artists, art historians and researchers, curators, managers and other cultural workers. 2.- Postulations have to be sent by email to the following address: jorge@numcero.cl, including: personal data (name, email, phone, city of residence) + one paragraph explaining how to intervene in social processes  + one brief text which describes possible connections between artistic and social imaginaries + one artistic work image (self-made or from others) with one paragraph description. 3.- Submitting deadline: Saturday, Dec. 11th 2010. 4.-Selection confirmation: Friday, Dec. 08th 2010. 5.- Inscription process will be closed and reconfirmed previous PAYPAL deposit.


Participation terms1.- The cost does not include transportation expenses to and from the residence places. 2 .-Accommodation will be in community dormitories (4 up to 8 people). 3 .- In Rosario, lunch and dinner are not included. Group meals are planned. 4.- Participants will provide photographic and video recordings made during their stay. These will be included in digital editions and each residencies websites. 5 .-Invitation letters will be extended to those selected to obtain aid funds for their participation. 6.- Certificates will be given after the conclusion of the residence.

WorkTeam: Jorge Sepúlveda T. (Independient Curator), Ilze Petroni (Art Researcher)
Gab Gabelich (Cultura Pasajera) and Alicia Tapia V. (La Casona Solariega).
Curatoria Forense
Cultura Pasajera, Rosario
La Casona Solariega
Symbolic Capital
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