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Dancing incessantly. Art, management and autonomy.

[versión en español] [versão em português] Contemporary art deals with recurring issues concerning its ability to be represented, objectified and to relate. These issues are[…]

What the World Was Like Once We Learnt that It Was the Other.

‘[…] Barbarians, they were a kind of solution’. C. Kavafis This article was originally published in  Locatarios y Visitantes,  ​​Espacio de Pensamiento by  Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Montevideo,[…]

Becoming one with the Symptom

[versión en español] The image is the most persistent part of the object. Objects end the making of themselves with the shapes that remain in memory; as[…]

Autonomous, not independent

Encuentro de Gestiones Autónomas de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas. Córdoba, Argentina. photo: Ivana Maritano.  july 3rd, 2011 [Versión en Español] The last fifteen years of[…]

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