Día 6 / Sarojini Lewis. 20 de enero 2013

The creation of a drawing of a squid and an octopus swimming in the sea

after the mango and the kiwi there where shelves with fried sea food an shrimp and

deep purple pulpa

the food was pretty flat and hairy

we watched it on an imax screen

it made me laugh

I had a dream of you

You helped me with a place to sleep

It was an apartment with 60’s furniture inside

Deep green curtains and a brownish sofa

I did not know you liked that style

But than what do I know about you

Memories are fading and perhaps I was confused

The dream left me in a state of doubt and admiration

The impression of the vision in the dream

kept appearing during different moments of the day

I wonder why

During the night it rained and it was the first time I felt cold

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